February 18, 2008

Burning The Candle At Both Ends (In A Good Way)

So I had a phone interview with a different group within NI today. It was pretty general stuff and seemed to go fairly well. The dev teams don't actually hire from Texas State, but I guess if you know the right people on the inside they'll look past that.

It sounds like these guys will try to sit in on a couple of my interviews when I go in on the 7th. Maybe I can get multiple job offers out of NI. That wouldn't suck!

February 16, 2008

Let's All Go To The Movies

Well TV may be pretty much shot until the fall (new episodes of The Office on April 10th!), but movies are here to save the day! Here's a look at some good stuff coming this year:

Be Kind Rewind (Feb. 22)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (May 22)

WALL-E (June 27)

The Dark Knight (July 18)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Aug. 15)

Also, there is plenty to be excited about beyond this year:
  • Next year's Wolverine has much potential as it promises to tap into Wolvie's more savage past.
  • And news is out the Tim Burton is not only remaking Alice in Wonderland for Disney, but he will also be putting out a full-length version of Frankenweenie after that.
  • Oh, and there's that little film Transformers 2 coming soon.
  • And the freaking Hobbit movie!!!

February 8, 2008

Redundancy In Action

So I had another interview today. Basically, I interviewed where I already work for the job I already have. It was for the position I've been serving in for about the last year, but this would make me a salaried employee and all that. Assuming I get it. I don't really plan on being at ACC after graduation anyway, so the whole thing is just one big "whatever" as far as I'm concerned. If I already had an offer from somewhere else I wouldn't have even bothered to interview.

So there you have it...

It's Friday Again...

My newest article is now posted on RotoTimes for your reading pleasure. You can also read it on Fanball.com if you so choose. I won't go to much into why it is in both places. Just suffice it to say that both sites are owned by the same company and they are in the process of merging them, along with a couple others. You should be able to count on finding my stuff at either location.

This is probably the last time I'll post a direct link to my articles. Just know that you can find my new one every Friday until the end of the Finals.

February 6, 2008

The Road Goes Ever On And On

So I heard back from National Instruments today and apparently I did "really well" on the technical evaluation. So now I go back in a few weeks and spend a whole Friday interviewing with managers and touring the place and stuff like that. There will also be dinner and "entertainment" involved. I'll have to do some advanced scouting to make sure I don't end up at some random bar with a bunch of happy-go-lucky 22-year olds.

I'm guessing that I will almost definitely get an offer from them at this point, but I'm still going to be applying to other places in the meantime. IBM and Google are both hiring here, so I'm gonna look into that and see what else is out there.

February 2, 2008

Just Because I Can

If you don't get a kick out of this I don't know what to tell you...

February 1, 2008

I Gotta Say It Was A Good Day

So, I just got back from taking my technical evaluation at National Instruments and I think it went pretty well. At this point, judging how things have gone so far, I'd be pretty surprised if I didn't end up working there after graduation. Of course I may have actually tanked it and I'll end up working at Best Buy.

Also, my first article is now up at RotoTimes (read it here). I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pretty excited by this. It's nice to be recognized for doing something you enjoy. Hopefully I can make a good impression and land a regular gig doing this.