September 30, 2006

Fantasy Update: A long time coming...

Sorry for the delay, I know you all(?) have been waiting anxiously for this...

- Fantasy Football: For the first time this season both of my teams won, including a 145.60-82.65 beating handed out by e = B2L (temporarily named The Man in Black) on the guy I beat in the finals last year. It was the first week where both of my teams won, and also the first week where my draft strategy for e = B2L really paid off.

- Fantasy Baseball: Kevin and I are currently tied at 7 for the championship. I have called in the old pick up every starting pitcher the last couple of days strategy in the hopes of winning Wins, ERA, and WHIP. Cross yer fingers... Oh, and I'm killing the Gadiantons in the battle for 3rd.

September 20, 2006

This is the kind of insight $100 buys you these days...

A direct quote from my Discreet Math textbook:
"A set is said to be infinite if it is not finite."

I'll be sure to keep that little chestnut in mind at all times.

Fantasy Update: week of 9/18

Fantasy Football:

e = B2L squeaked out a huge victory winning by 0.2 points, 108.55-108.35. Welcome to the world of high stakes fantasy football, where every yard counts!! The Lone Star Losers lost. Both teams are now 1-1.

Fantasy Baseball:

Lucky in Lose! made an epic Sunday comeback to overtake the Flipper Babies and move on to the 2-week final. Hopefully my teams will come through and I'll take 1st and 3rd.

September 15, 2006

Quick Hits:

There are a lot of things I had been meaning to post this week and never did, so I'm gonna do one mega-post to make up for it.

- I'm 1-1 after one week of fantasy football.

- I have unofficially secured a nice promotion at work already. It won't take effect until a couple other positions get filled. But I will soon be the Project Coordinator for the records department at ACC. And yes that does come with a nice raise!

- For my Human Factors class I have to make a website that showers my local Walmart with praise and admiration... shoot me now.

- My math professor rocks!

- Some of the people in my main fantasy football league are retards.

- I saw a guy at work today with a happenin' Hitler moustache.

- I am definitely no longer a hardcore gamer. And yet life goes on...

September 11, 2006

Fantasy Baseball Playoff Update

Lucky in Lose! ended up taking Eric and his G-Men (Steroid Man included) out behind the woodshed for a nice beating. Ryan Howard refuses to let the Losers live up to their name. Next up for Lucky in Lose! is the Flipper Babies, the #1 seed and my other team. I'm kind of disappointed... while this means I'm guaranteed to have one team in the final, I wanted a chance to get them both in. Oh well, looks like I'll have to settle for 1st and 3rd.

September 9, 2006

Penguins 2006 - 2007 Preview

I had to post something uplifting after the way today worked out from a sporting point of view. This season is gonna be fun for the Pens. I haven't been this excited about the Pens in a long time.

Mama said there'd be days like this...

- Liverpool lost to Everton 3-0
UT lost to Ohio State 24-7
- I haven't checked yet, but based on how things are going everyone on my active fantasy team probably tanked tonight.

The worst part of it all was probably having to listen to the crappy announcers doing the Texas game. Apparently some guy named Vince Young used to play for them. I guess, because they wouldn't shut up about him. That guy musta been something. At one point they were even making fun of each other for being idiots. Quality TV if I may say.

September 5, 2006

Signed, sealed, and delivered!

Penguins fans got the news we had all been waiting for today... the Pens officially signed Evgeni Malkin. He flew into town last night and had dinner with Mario, and then had an informal skate with Sidney this morning. I can't wait to see this guy play! The Penguins are quietly putting together one of the most talented and exciting teams in the league. Shero has added a nice touch of toughness to the roster too. I feel safe in predicting that the Pens will be legit Cup contenders in 3 years. Hopefully they can trade Mark Recchi again this year for something decent (although word is that he patched things up with Sid.)

September 4, 2006

Fantasy Baseball: Regular Season Results

I managed to squeeze back into first in the final week (I've had a habit of that lately) as Kevin stumbled down the stretch. The final regular season standings are as follows (my teams in italics):

1) Flipper Babies
2) captains of industry
3) Golden State
4) Lucky in Lose!
5) The G-Men
6) John's Lame Team
7) sweat sox
8) pwned

And the two lessons we learned are... 1) Even when given the best team by far out of the draft, my dad (sweat sox) will still blow it big time, and 2) Dave (pwned) proved once again to play with your head and not your heart. If he ever plays again I doubt he'll compose a team of all Astros.

R.I.P. Steve Irwin

From the almost as predictable as it is sad department, Steve Irwin, a.k.a. The Crocodile Hunter, died this morning while filming underwater in Australia. While filming for a show called "Ocean's Deadliest" he was stung in the heart by a stingray and died shortly after. Apparently stingray "attacks" are rarely fatal, but in this case the barb struck Irwin in the chest, underneath the ribcage, and pierced his heart. His crew applied CPR but were unable to save him.

We watched the tape of his "Most Dangerous Adventures" this evening and it was a little surreal. Sitting there watching him surrounded by giant Tiger Sharks in a topless cage and chasing giant Cobras into trees it was hard to not wonder how he lived as long as he did. Steve will be missed for sure. On the bright side, snakes of the world can sleep easier knowing there is one less dude coming to poke them with sticks.

September 2, 2006

Get your head up...

Hockey season is just one short month away!!!

Say hello to the Godzillatron...

With college football season starting in full today, the defending champion Texas Longhorns (that will never stop sounding awesome) finally got to unveil there new $8 million investment to a paying crowd. Dubbed the "Godzillatron", it is the largest HD screen in America and 2nd largest in the world behind one in Japan. Apparently the thing ways a ton and needed some hardcore supports just to keep it up. Fan reaction was nothing but positive from the Longhorn faithful. Of course everything is going to seem great while you're killing North Texas by 40+ points. It'll be interesting to see if ABC makes a big deal out of the Godzillatron during the Ohio State game next week. By the way, the Horns will win by at least two TD's.

In related news... word out of College Station is that Aggie fans have duct taped every TV in town together to form what they are calling the "Mothratron". The better to see the non-bowl eligible season on I guess...

Atta boy!

Landon and I spent a nice, calm 30-45 minutes today just laying on the floor watching college football. The girls were all at a birthday party so it left the two of us with some time for some quality male bonding. At this rate Landon's first words may be "That was a horrible call ref!"

Let the other title defense begin...

Had the draft for my fantasy football league that I especially care about last night. My team is as follows (It was an auction draft, so the dollar amount by the player is what I paid for them.):

e = B2L

QB- Drew Brees $2
RB- Ronnie Brown $25
RB- Steven Jackson $22
WR- Tory Holt $20
WR- Roy Williams $13
WR- Derrick Mason $9
K- Jay Feely $1
DEF- Seattle $1
Bench- Braylon Edwards $1
Bench- Joseph Addai $1
Bench- DeShaun Foster $1
Bench- Philip Rivers $4 (I had $4 left and couldn't be outbid at this point so I just spent it all. In reality I would have gotten Rivers for $1)

So that is my team. I was pretty happy with the way things went down. I went in with the plan to spend about $80 of my $100 on a top RB (preferably Steven Jackson) and 3 good WR's (really wanted Holt and Williams). I managed to execute my plan pretty well and walk away with an extra top 10 RB. I may look to upgrade Edwards from the free agent list and I'll be keeping an eye on Chris Simms as a possible upgrade at QB, but otherwise I'm very satisfied with my team.