September 15, 2006

Quick Hits:

There are a lot of things I had been meaning to post this week and never did, so I'm gonna do one mega-post to make up for it.

- I'm 1-1 after one week of fantasy football.

- I have unofficially secured a nice promotion at work already. It won't take effect until a couple other positions get filled. But I will soon be the Project Coordinator for the records department at ACC. And yes that does come with a nice raise!

- For my Human Factors class I have to make a website that showers my local Walmart with praise and admiration... shoot me now.

- My math professor rocks!

- Some of the people in my main fantasy football league are retards.

- I saw a guy at work today with a happenin' Hitler moustache.

- I am definitely no longer a hardcore gamer. And yet life goes on...

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