August 7, 2008

I've Done A 180 On My 360

It has been a while, eh? If it makes you feel better, I haven't been writing much for my hockey blogs lately either. That doesn't make me feel better, but life goes on.

Part of the problem is that I have been really enjoying playing video games lately. At some point while Christa and the kids were in California my gaming hormones kicked in and I have been tapping my thumbs to the bone ever since. I can honestly say that I haven't enjoyed gaming this much in a long time. Thankfully this period has coincided with a time when Christa is really engrossed in her BYU distance learning course, so I have more than enough free time to indulge myself once we get the kids in bed. I'm sure Christa thinks I am playing way too much right now, but this phase will pass. It always does.

One side-effect of my gaming renaissance has been that I have finally succumbed and decided to sign up for XBox Live gold service. This basically means that I will be able to play XBox online against other people. I have resisted doing this for a long time, largely because I subscribe to the theory that about 75% of the people on Live are not exactly the kind of people I want to play with/against (to put it nicely). I guess that's what the Friends list is for. In reality, there was one major reason why I decided to sign up for Live:

Once NHL 09 arrives in early September it is on! NHL 08 was by far the best hockey game ever and I am looking forward to this new feature to breathe some new life into hockey games. Now I'll just get to be my own guy playing with other people instead of just walking all over the CPU with the Penguins like I have been doing for about the last 16 years. I really can't wait.

I will also be able to play other games against people. I am guessing that I will probably stick to playing with people I know already instead of taking my chances on total strangers. Either way this should add a lot of value to some of my games and give me an outlet for some multiplayer gaming when I need it.

On a side note, I'm pretty stoked for the Olympics to get underway. All my feelings about the Games being in China aside, I really like the Olympics. I definitely lean towards the Winter Games, but the Summer Olympics are still fun. I look forward to being able to spend the next couple weeks watching the Olympics and blogging from the comfort of my couch. Good times.