September 2, 2006

Let the other title defense begin...

Had the draft for my fantasy football league that I especially care about last night. My team is as follows (It was an auction draft, so the dollar amount by the player is what I paid for them.):

e = B2L

QB- Drew Brees $2
RB- Ronnie Brown $25
RB- Steven Jackson $22
WR- Tory Holt $20
WR- Roy Williams $13
WR- Derrick Mason $9
K- Jay Feely $1
DEF- Seattle $1
Bench- Braylon Edwards $1
Bench- Joseph Addai $1
Bench- DeShaun Foster $1
Bench- Philip Rivers $4 (I had $4 left and couldn't be outbid at this point so I just spent it all. In reality I would have gotten Rivers for $1)

So that is my team. I was pretty happy with the way things went down. I went in with the plan to spend about $80 of my $100 on a top RB (preferably Steven Jackson) and 3 good WR's (really wanted Holt and Williams). I managed to execute my plan pretty well and walk away with an extra top 10 RB. I may look to upgrade Edwards from the free agent list and I'll be keeping an eye on Chris Simms as a possible upgrade at QB, but otherwise I'm very satisfied with my team.

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