November 27, 2006

The Grandaddy of all posts...

I know I haven't been posting much lately, so let's get up to speed.
  • Thanksgiving came and went (see video below)...
  • The Penguins have come back to Earth. Sid has missed the last 3 games with a groin problem, but they are managing to pick up some points that they wouldn't have last year. I think with a good trade or two the playoffs are not out of the question this year.
  • Liverpool won their Champions League group but are stuck in 9th in the Premiership. They continue to dominate at Anfield and suck on the road. At least Stevie G. picked up his first Premiership goal of the year on Saturday.
  • I have roughly 3 weeks left of school this semester. That amounts to two big projects, two (possibly three) finals, a test, a quiz, and who knows how much other random crap. I hit the wall on school about three weeks ago and am really just wanting this semester to end.
  • UT stunk up all of Central Texas on Friday against A&M. I won't say much more other than the fact that nobody beat the crap out of the guy who nailed Colt was just one more reason why football can't touch hockey.
  • I locked up first place in my fantasy football league for the regular season this week. I'll now have a first round bye in the playoffs and then hopefully defend my title. Since I have announced my retirement from this league I see winning out as the only way to finish.
I think that just about covers it. Hopefully I'll start posting with more regularity again...

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