April 5, 2007

All stations, report in!

Okay, so the fallout from my pre/post Spring Break barrage of major assignments has settled. Here's the breakdown:

-Test: 84/100 (just need to pass this class, no need to show off)

Computer Ethics:
- Mid-Term: 89/100
- Presentation: 100/100

Fundamentals of Technology:
- "Quiz": 81/100 (that's solid for that class. 3rd highest grade in the class.)
- Lab Mid-Term: 85/100 (this lab is a mess!)

Discrete Math 2:
- Mid-Term: 87/100 (he's letting us hand in corrections, so it will be a 92.)

All in all things turned out well. Fundamentals class is the only one I really need to worry about since I bombed the first quiz so bad. Everything else is under control.

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Scots said...


Came across your blog kinda by accident and what do I find ... a Texan who likes Liverpool!!! Good luck with the study there mate.