December 17, 2007

Fall Grades Are In...

  • Operating Systems - C
  • Object-Oriented Design and Implementation - A
  • Intro to Advanced Math - C
  • Technical Writing - B
  • Beginning Golf - A

So there you have it. All in all it is pretty much what I was expecting. The math class I took ending up being pretty brutal. I would guess that there were as many people who didn't pass it as those who did. The B in Technical Writing is a bit of a burn, but that Prof was such a loon that who knows what was going through her head when she was grading my final. Having a couple retards who couldn't drag their butts to class in my presentation group ended up costing me too. Bottom line; this semester was all about surviving. It dropped my overall Texas State GPA from 3.44 to 3.24, but I should be able to finish strong in the Spring and get the you know what out of there. No offense San Marcos...

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