June 3, 2008

My Microsoft XBox 360 Support Nightmare

As many of you know, I have been dealing with a very unhappy situation regarding my XBox 360 and Microsoft XBox Support. It has gotten pretty ridiculous the way I am being treated by them and how unreasonable they are. Things finally reached a boiling point last night and my (almost) last resort was to send this e-mail off to the Microsoft Customer Advocacy Group. It gives a pretty comprehensive history of the whole situation. Enjoy!

I am writing you in an attempt to resolve an ongoing problem that I have been having with Microsoft XBox support. My Xbox 360 got the 3 red lights problem in late April and was no longer working. I filled out the necessary claim online and proceeded to send my XBox 360 console to your service center once the shipping materials arrived. My console was fixed and shipped back out for delivery to my home. This is where the problems begin...

It was taking much longer than I expected for the package to be delivered to my home. I checked the package tracking online through the UPS website on 5/21 and was shocked to see that the package was listed as delivered on 5/19. This was very surprising to me since I had not received the package. Further examination of the tracking showed that the package had been delivered to the town of Dale, TX which is approximately 50 miles to the south of where I live. The tracking (which you can see for yourself by going to UPS tracking and entering the following tracking number: ## ### ### ## #### ### #) also showed that the address on the package was initially incomplete and that UPS had to correct it for delivery.

At that point I contacted Xbox support by phone and told them my situation. I was told to call UPS and confirm that the package had indeed been delivered and that they did not still have it. I called UPS phone support and they confirmed that the package had been delivered. I called XBox support back as instructed and told them that the package was no longer in UPS' possession. At that time the agent on the phone confirmed my address and said that they had the correct address in the system so there was "no way the package could have been incorrectly delivered". I was told that they would look into it and I would get a call back, but that I was probably going to have to file a claim with UPS as the agent on the phone insisted that your service center had shipped the package correctly. At that point I contacted UPS again to look into filing a claim and was informed that only the shipper could file a claim for the package and that I could not.

A few days later I got a call back from XBox support and was shocked with what I was told. The agent on the phone told me that they had contacted UPS and were told that I had called UPS and changed the delivery address myself, to have the package delivered to my office. I informed the agent that this was not the case. Not only was the address the package was delivered to not my place of work, but I had not contacted UPS at all, let alone to change the delivery in any way. The agent on the phone finally (after much discussion) agreed to investigate the matter further and that I would get a call back on either 5/25 or 5/26.

While waiting for the call back I contacted UPS to find out what kind of information a person would need to give in order to change the destination address of a package that was en route for delivery. I was told that only the shipper could change the delivery address of a package out for delivery. There was no possible way that I as the intended receiver could have changed the destination address.

After I had not received a call as expected I called XBox support again on 5/28 to try to find out what was going on. At this point I was told that the investigation was still ongoing and that I would be contacted by 6/2 as I had been previously told. At this point I informed the agent I was talking to that I was told I was going to be contacted by 5/26 at the latest. I also explained to the agent that I had talked to UPS and that it was not possible for me to have changed the delivery address for the package. I also told the agent on the phone that at that time I was no longer comfortable getting my original console back (in the event that it was recovered) due to the fact that it had been in the hands of strangers for nearly two weeks at that time. I stressed repeatedly that I wanted a replacement console due to complications in the delivery that were no fault of mine. The agent on the phone told me that there was nothing they could do but wait for a response to the e-mail that had been sent to the service center more than a week prior. I was told that they had no other method for contacting the service center and that they could not approve sending me a replacement console without permission from the service center. At that point I was assured that a note of my entire conversation that day, which was well over two hours long, would be made and that I would hear back by 6/3.

On 6/2 an XBox support agent called my home while I was at work and talked to my wife. The agent told my wife that they had concluded their investigation and determined that I had contacted UPS to change the delivery address and that they were going to take no further action to support my situation. They told my wife that I would need to deal directly with UPS to solve the problem. When my wife told the person on the phone, as I already had many times, that only the shipper could file a claim with UPS and that I could not the agent refused to discuss the matter with my wife. As she continued to try and talk over the situation with the agent on the phone she was again told that I needed to deal with UPS and when she again told the agent that I could not file a claim with UPS she was then hung up on by the agent on the phone. At this time my wife called me at work and told me about what had happened.

While on my lunch break I again called UPS to see if there was anything that I could do on that end and I was given some shocking information. First I was told that the problem with the package was that the address label did not have a street address on it. It had only my name, city, state, and zip code. I was then told that Microsoft had initiated a tracer to try to recover the package, but that they had only done so that very day (6/2). You can imagine my surprise as I had been told many times by multiple XBox support personnel that the investigation and recovery attempt had been initiated approximately two weeks prior. I was also told by UPS support that again, there was no way that I could have changed the delivery address for the package in this situation.

When I got home from work that evening I called XBox support again to attempt to straighten this matter out. I ended up talking to a "supervisor" who was extremely rude and refused to discuss the situation with me in a rational manner. After I described what had happened to her she told me that her notes showed that I had called UPS to change the delivery address and that there was nothing more Microsoft could do and that I needed to file a claim with UPS. When I explained to her all of the points that I have previously outlined in this e-mail she insisted that there was nothing that could be done and that I was at fault and needed to deal with UPS myself. When I informed her that the problem was caused by the service center not putting a street address on the shipping label she then told me that that was "not possible" and again refused to even discuss helping me in any way. After much effort on my part, and after her refusal to contact a UPS agent to discuss the matter with, I finally got her to look at the online package tracking. She then preceded to tell me that the entry on 5/16 said that I called to change the address. I told her that this was not the case and that it said that "The receiver's address is incomplete" because of the incorrect label. She told me that was not what it meant and went back to her stance that there was nothing more she could do and insisted that there was no way she could contact UPS to discuss it with them. I tried to continue to discuss the situation with her hoping that she would begin to listen to reason and at that point I was hung up on. It was very upsetting to me that I would be refused help in this situation despite the fact that your company is still attempting to either recover the package or be compensated for its loss by UPS, especially considering the fact that it was an error on the part of your service center that caused the problem.

At that point I tried to contact the normal Microsoft support line, which gave me the phone number to Microsoft Corporate, who then gave me this e-mail address to contact. I am hoping that this matter can be resolved in a timely manner as this whole situation has been very upsetting to me. I have been a loyal Microsoft customer for many years and have purchased many Microsoft products, including both iterations of the XBox console, but this whole scenario has left a very bitter taste in my mouth to the point that I would definitely not be inclined to purchase any more Microsoft products after seeing how Microsoft customers are treated. I don't feel that I am being unfair in wanting my XBox 360 console to be replaced and I feel that in light of recent events that that is the least that you can do to make this up to me. I hope that we can resolve this matter soon and in a way that all parties will find acceptable.

-Chris Yarbrough
Hopefully this will actually get me somewhere. If not, "7 On Your Side" will be getting a very similar e-mail from me.


david said...

they finally have mine after three tries to get a box. it would help if they spoke english.

plannerchick said...

What ended up happening? They lost my husbands and it's been a month and a half. We have called support 20 times and noone is helping. email kaylor_collins at yahoo.com