January 14, 2007

And the 7th day became Day 6!

So Season 6 of 24 starts tonight. Here are my predictions:
  • Jack will brutally interogate a government employee.
  • Mrs. Logan will still be crazy.
  • Kim Bauer will still be an idiot.
  • Wayne Palmer will be a better President than Logan, but not as good as his brother (the State Farm guy).
  • Chloe will secretly do something against protocol to help Jack.
  • Bill Buchanon, Audrey Raines, Chloe and/or Morris O'Brien, and Jack Bauer will all DIE!
  • Something really important will blow up.
  • Jack will kill more than 10 terrorists in a 3 minute span.
  • There will be a mole within CTU.
  • Jack will blow up China.
Obviously I went a little more out on a limb with some of these than others, but I wanted to have a couple gimmes to cover my you-know-what. Turn the phone off and enjoy kids... it's Bauer Time!!

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