January 16, 2007

Day 6: 8am-10am

Here's my reaction to Monday night's episodes of 24:
  • Curtis should have bought into the "less talk, more action" way of life. (And Jack can cry and barf all he wants, but from here on he'll always be the guy who killed Curtis.)
  • Somebody nuked L.A. ... it's about time!
  • Wayne Palmer learned the wrong lessons from his brother. "Oh sure, let's give the terrorists what they want!" Yeah, that always works out well.
  • Sandra Palmer is a turd. And her boyfriend is up to something.
  • I'm not buying the whole Milo is back thing. Where was he when the rest of them were getting blown up and gassed? What a fair-weathered worker. And he's just weird looking. He should start dating the Frankenstein looking guy from season 3.

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