June 28, 2007

The Summer of Contentment!

I just have to say that, all in all, this summer is going pretty well. I don't know exactly why I am feeling so satisfied with life right now, but I am. It must be the little things...

My job is a touch on the boring side right now until I my next big project can get going and the class I'm taking this summer has turned out to be retarded at best. And it has been raining for the last 5 months (or so it would seem). None of that is going to get me down though.

I have the greatest family ever with three hilarious kids and an awesome wife. I have a stable job with a boss that laments that I won't work for her forever. I am nearing the end of the road with school and I am getting a newfound burst of motivation that I think I'll be able to ride until May. And I'm just content with life. I don't know how else to say it, things are just good right now, or at least that's what I have convinced myself. And that's good enough for me.

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