December 20, 2006

Fantasy Update: It all comes down to this...

So I have managed to steer both of my Fantasy Football teams into their respective championships. This gives me a chance to repeat in both leagues. Not a bad way to end my FF career (for the next year at least). The team I care about and put effort into managed to squeak by in week 15 despite getting about 2 combined points from two of my WR's. I now carry my top seeding into a matchup with the #2 team in the league (my arch rival and home teaching companion!) My other team, which finished in 4th to grab the final playoff spot after a big week 14 victory, upset the Ladainian Tomlinson powered top seed relatively easily to move on to the championship. I will sum up my fantasy seasons to this point by saying that my faith in Steven Jackson has been greatly rewarded.

As for Fantasy Hockey, I'm pretty much right where I want to be. My team is going great except for some up-and-down goaltending. I'm in 4th right now (was as high as 3rd for a couple days) but the three teams ahead of me are dooming themselves and they don't even know it. I have a feeling things will work out like last year and I'll make a steady climb to the title in the closing weeks. The good news is I probably won't have to work my up from second to last like I did last year.

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