December 10, 2006

Progress is as progress does.

My Database term project is printing out right next to me as I type this. 84 pages of crap! Okay, 2/3 of it is pretty decent, but I'm not too thrilled with how things went down the stretch. My database definitely would have been a lot better if he had let me do it the way I originally wanted. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Speaking of tomorrow... I have a Geology test that I have yet to study for (what do you think the hour before class is for?) and my Database final that I have yet to study for (what do you think the 90 minutes before class are for?) So yeah, tomorrow can't get here fast enough is what I'm saying. On the bright side, after tomorrow all I have left to do is a Geology lab quiz (assuming I decline to take the optional final) and I'm done.

This semester has been a bear for me. I hit the wall around the end of October and it has been a struggle ever since. I guess this is my "Welcome to upper division" semester. At least I've learned some valuable lessons to take forward with me. The good news is that in about 24 hours I being what amounts to a little over a month of school-free livin'! Let's see if I can make it that long...

**UPDATE** The black ink cartridge in our printer may or may not make it to page 84. Plus the e-mails I have to print out for the appendix.

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