February 15, 2007

24: The world is full of retards!

Let's get right to it:
  • Morris is a bum. How could he give the terrorists a working detonator when he knew Jack was right outside? I mean, he'd already been drilled once, what's another hole or two in the grand scheme of things.
  • Jack's sister-in-law/former flame is a bum. She let's him waltz right into a trap and doesn't give up his evil dad just to protect her dopey, ninja son.
  • CTU is a joke. They'll let just about anyone wander through that place freely. I mean really, how is Jack's dad not a suspect after all that has gone on? I'm convinced at some point we'll see a 4th grade field trip passing through CTU during a crisis.
  • Our government sucks. Can they all stop trying to stab each other in the back long enough to keep me from getting nuked? I mean honestly, throw me a bone here!
  • On the plus side, pretty soon Jack will be fighting Russians... it's like the 80's all over again! I can't wait.
  • Oh, and 24 is so much better without commercials it's not even funny.
Oh and the Penguins won again last night. This is getting to be ridiculous.

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