February 21, 2007

Rafa's not playing for the draw!

When people use the phrase "best case scenario" in the near future, today's Champions League match between Liverpool and Barcelona should get a mandatory mention. Liverpool headed into Nou Camp wanting a win, but knowing that a draw would serve them just fine heading back to Anfield for the second leg. Well, the boys pulled out a huge 2-1 victory in very ironic fashion...

Earlier in the week a story came out that Craig Bellamy attacked John Arne Riise with a golf club in the middle of the night because he wouldn't throw down in a karaoke contest a few hours earlier. The team was pretty quiet about the incident (never denying it), but the media took the story and ran with it. There was even a story posted less than 24 hours before the game that the team plans to sell Bellamy over the summer (and they still may).

Surprisingly, Bellamy got the start today against Barca and he made the most of it. He scored just minutes before the half to send the boys into the break tied at 1. Apparently he even celebrated his goal with a mock golf swing. Stay classy Craig! If that wasn't enough, Bellamy then set up, naturally, Riise for the eventual winning goal with about 15 minutes left in the match.

Suck on it Barca!

This puts the Reds in great shape heading home for the second leg on March 6th. As good as they are at Anfield, the boys should definitely be able to lock up a trip into the round of 8. This was such a great win it even takes some of the sting out of Liverpool falling out of the hunt for the Premiership title.

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