February 20, 2007

Pick up skate wrap up

So I managed to skate for 2 whole hours without having a heart attack or getting maimed. I had no legs at all though. I was understandably rusty, but I made some decent plays and managed to put a few pucks in the net. My shooting accuracy was actually better than I expected, even though my sticks felt pretty dead. Maybe I'll have to spring for a nice $200 composite stick...

The older guys there were all pretty cool. We all got a kick out of watching the hot shot teenagers strut their stuff. One of the guys on my team told me that you "totally can't tell" that I hadn't played in 7 years. I'm pretty sure that was a compliment. Another guy told me I look like a cross of Sergei Zubov and Darryl Sydor. Well, at least I've got that going for me...

My two dads?

All in all it was a good time though. I'm looking forward to going back. I can't wait until my hands and my legs catch back up with my head. It'll be like the mid-90's all over again!

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