March 5, 2007

Just another manic Monday!

So Chris, how was your day?

  • Some dopey lady rear-ended me on my way to work. I guess her lame conversation with her three dopey lady passengers was more important than not running me over. Damage is minimal and she seems to be being pretty cool about the whole thing.
  • I got a 69 on my Geology quiz. That's actually not a bad thing. You'll have to trust me on that one...
  • Mario sent out a letter effectively telling local PA officials that they had better put together a real proposal like yesterday, or they can start saving up for their new Kansas City Penguins jerseys.
  • Draft status on Fantasy Baseball was set to Ready!!! Fantasy Baseball, this time it's Roto!
So yeah, happy Monday to all. On the positive side of things, I'm telecommuting tomorrow. Yay...

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