March 22, 2007

Odds and ends...

So I am smack in the middle of mid-terms this week (3 down, 1 to go) which is why I still haven't gotten back to posting much. I had a pretty solid day though so I figured I'd give it a go.
  • I spent pretty much my entire work day today watching my boss go over my last 3 (or so) months of work with a fine toothed comb (and sharp, red pen) only to have her come to the conclusion that it more or less rocked the house. At which point she informed me that I am never allowed to leave her. So yeah, I'll get right to work on my new book "How to Survive Working Only 22 Hours A Week" as soon as this semester ends.
  • So far mid-terms have been pretty solid. Saturday is the one I really need to nail though. Keep the faith!
  • My new Gerrard jersey arrived in the mail today... good times!
  • I was again unable to get school to waive my second PE unit, so it appears that I will be taking Beginning Golf in the Fall. FORE!
  • Finally, if this doesn't bring a smile to your face nothing will. YNWA!!!

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