March 31, 2007

Postpone those tee times!

Well it took me almost as long to post on the Pens making the playofss as it took them to do it, but after 6 long, painful years the Penguins are officially back in the chase for Lord Stanley's Cup!

They did it in the most fitting fashion too... a come from behind win over the Caps.

Don't forget your sand wedge Olie!

So the Pens are currently a point up in the division over the Devils thanks to their OT loss in Toronto tonight, but the Devils have a game in hand and an easier schedule down the stretch. I still think the boys can get it done though. Even if they don't, if you had told me in September that the Pens would have the inside track to the 2 seed in the East with a week to go in the season, I would have gladly taken it.

Things to note:
  • The Pens have the best record in hockey since the All-Star break.
  • The Pens have the best home record in the East.
  • The Pens are arguably the toughest team in the league to play against right now.

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