October 18, 2006

And so it begins...

Evgeni Malkin finally played his first real game for the Penguins tonight. He scored his first ever goal on a Mark Recchi rebound, but sadly the Pens lost to the Devils 2-1. Everything I have read so far says that Evgeni played great. There was even an article on the web yesterday with Sidney and Recchi comparing him to Mario. Sergei Gonchar resisted the urge to come out and say that he is better than Alexander Ovechkin (we all know it) and instead said Ovechkin is a Pavel Bure type while Malkin is more along the lines of a Sergei Fedorov. Works for me, Sergei managed to pick up a few rings for his trouble.

Apparently Evgeni also broke the glass with a slapshot last night. Like I said, this guy does it all!

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