October 17, 2006

It's not me, it's you...

So I had my Intro to Databases midterm last night. It was a lot easier than I expected based on what I had heard about my professor from other people. He also gave us back our second term project papers. He wrote that I needed to see him "ASAP" to go over serious problems with my project. I met with him after finishing the test and we determined the following:

- He knows nothing about golf. This is a problem since my project (a project that he wrote himself) is for a fictional golf course. So since he knows next to nothing about the subject he came to the conclusion that someof my naming was wrong when in fact I was using very common golf terms.

- If you don't do something the way he did it then it is wrong. After some explanation on my part he finally came to realize that what I had done not only worked, but actually worked better. I guess the end result is the important thing but c'mon...

- If you are going to sound the alarms on somebody's huge project, you should probably look at the entire thing. My diagram was broken up into 2 pages and he only bothered to look at the first page. Three cheers for thoroughness!!

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