October 16, 2006

Veto that suckas!!!

My 48th post could not be a happier one. So after much kicking and screaming I finally forced my big fantasy football trade through last week. So with new QB Carson Palmer in tow I "took the field" against Mike Ferguson and his team that is basically my team from last season (champs woot woot!) eager to erase memories of my poor performance from last week. And thanks in large part to huge games from Tory Holt and Roy Williams I blew Fergie away 152-102 (give or take the decimals). That pushes my record to 4-2 and I should be back in 2nd place tomorrow.

Other notes:
- I pulled off the RB for WR trade I had been hinting at since I got Carson. I traded Joseph Addai for Reggie Williams. Another big win for me. I love how you can take advantage of crappy teams if you draft well.
- By starting Carson Palmer this week I have now played 5 different QB's in 6 weeks. That will increase again next week when I play Matt Leinart.
- I finally get my shot at the first place team next week. I have been the highest scorer in 3 of the last 4 weeks and my confidence is high. It should be fun, it's just too bad I have to play him the week I'm without Holt and Jackson. I can still take him though.

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