October 7, 2006

Now that's more like it!

I managed to get in on the lopsided trade fad last night. It took some little haggling and a couple late night phone calls but I now have a legit QB and it really didn't cost me much. I gave up Mark Brunell (who I grabbed as a free agent earlier this week) and Braylon Edwards (who I didn't want to trade, but you can't make an omlette without cracking a few eggs). In return I got Carson Palmer (stud QB and one of the keys to last year's championship) and Willie Parker. Getting Palmer gives me a must-start QB who won't be facing a bye in the future, so that allowed me to drop Matt Leinart to grab Doug Gabriel. This was key since moving Braylon left me with only 3 WR's. At some point I'll probably try to move one of my RB's to get another quality WR. I also grabbed the Atlanta DEF off of waivers (I was saving my high waiver priority for a QB if one came along, but I've got Carson now). I have to say though, I am very happy with my roster right now. This trade really got me back in the game. Barring injuries my team is going to be pretty tough to beat.

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