October 24, 2006

They're at it again!

The Penguins rolled the Devils 4-2 at home tonight on the way to their third straight win. The Pens got goals from Ekman, Staal, Crosby, and (who else) Evgeni Malkin. Malkin's goal was the best goal I have seen in years. He took a beautiful long range pass from Sid, cut on a dime to split the D, and then turned Martin Brodeur inside-out with a gorgeous backhand move. I can't wait until that goal is up on YouTube so I can watch it about 50 times in a row. If the boys keep this up I may have to accelerate my Stanley Cup prediction by a season or two. It's good times for Pens fans!

***UPDATE*** I've watched the Malkin goal 4 or 5 more times already and it just gets more amazing each time. 4 goals in 4 games... the future is now!

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