October 3, 2006

Fantasy Update: Finally no more baseball!

- Fantasy Baseball: Kevin and I tied in the two week championship. Yahoo gave him the title based on what I consider a very shady tiebreaker based on what I've experienced in other leagues. As far as I'm concerned I finished in 1st and 3rd with my two teams.

- Fantasy Football: e = B2L pulled out a nice win thanks to my running backs starting to produce. Brett Favre and the Seahawks D almost blew it for me, but a win is a win. I am now in 2nd place overall and lead the league in total points scored so far. This is pretty much where I was at the same point last year. The only difference is that everyone is gunning for me this year.

I also pulled off my first (and most likely last) trade today. I shipped out DeShaun Foster (something I had been trying to do for a couple weeks) and picked up Terry Glenn. This trade brings me another weapon at WR in exchange for a guy I was never going to play barring injuries. The trade also fixes a big bye week fiasco I had looming. I also dropped Derrick Mason and picked up Mark Brunell. Brunell isn't a guy I would normally target, but he goes against the Titans on Favre's bye week so that will be a nice boost there.

Also, the rest of my league continues to pull of stupid trades at an alarming rate. There are a couple guys who just keep loading up on studs because a couple morons do the most inexplicably stupid things. I don't want to rant on this any more, but at this rate it may be hard to defend my title. There are a couple very stacked teams out there now. At least I'm smarter than the rest of them at this stuff, so I've got that going for me...

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fictional character said...

as far as you're concerned, you won?

as far as the league is concerned, you lost.

better luck next year.